Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What A Sour Day, No Sugar as Planned

Well, today has got to be worse day ever. I was supposed to meet Mr. Kickoff at his job today, but there was some sort of miscommunication about the time. I feel like he has been avoiding giving me money for my hair, nails, and shopping that he promised. I spoke my mind to him about it and told him I wanted an allowance to make the arrangement more controlled. He told me to name a price. I asked what did he think my time was worth. He said that he wasn't going to play games, so I told him $1600 for 4 days a month. He practically had a fit and said he wouldn't pay a prostitute or an escort $400 per visit. OBVIOUSLY HE NEEDS TO GO FIND ONE THAT IS CHEAPER THAN ME!! He is backwards! I asked him what he could offer so that he would feel comfortable with the amount, and he turns around and declines my price! He had officially pissed me off for the day. He soon changed his mind and told me that I needed to set a place and time to get the money but he didn't want to see me this month. I didn't understand his motives for that, but I didn't care much any more to ask why. I want him to want to give to me. It was as if I am pulling teeth to get the money from this man. He soon began to speak about why he wants a long term arrangement. Something about he has a 2.5 million dollar life insurance policy and no beneficiary. I'm not sure if its something I should believe, since he has bs'd me about the money he was suppose to have given me 5 days ago.
on the flip side
Today Mr. VP and I met at a local Starbucks at noon, on his lunch. He seems really shy just like me. The meeting was actually pretty awkward, and there were these awkward moments of us just staring at each other. LOL. I didn't mind much he has beautiful blue eyes. We didn't actually talk about an allowance until I got back home. He claims that he gave his previous baby $100 every Friday, 4x's a month. WTF was she thinking, but I guess that is a great example of the different needs and wants of SBs. I think this the girl Mr. Kickoff needs since he had an issue with my request for $400 per visit. LOL. Back to Mr. VP, his budget is $400 a month. Not going to get very far with that, but I negotiated with him so I only have to see him twice a month. I'm in need of cash quickly so I can pay off my tuition from last semester, so I can get back in school ASAP. He even had the nerve to ask if he could get an extra day or sugar for his birthday next month. Maybe we can work something out because his bday is 3 days before my Christmas cruise. I might need some extra cash ;)

More potentials have contacted me on AM and one on MA (MutualArrangements). I messaged a few of them today, but only one caught my eye. He is planning to visit Atlanta in two weeks and wants to take me to dinner. So im definitely looking forward to him. He shall not be named just yet.

Headed to bed now,


  1. Hi! Glad I found your page. I'm followin' ya now.

    $400 extra a month could come in handy, esp if you only have to see Mr. VP twice. :)

  2. That's exactly what i was thinking. A little extra without putting too much effort in. And thanks for following!